Winter Skin Care Tips You Need To Know

Chapped lips, dry skin and static hair that could only mean one thing, winter is here. Though you may love warm clothes, hot soups and coffee, the dryness and itchiness can be a problem.

The cold season brings its own set of skin problems and this is why I am listing down the top skincare routines you ought to know for the perfect winter look.

Don’t worry it is not hard and it is something you can easily do and have something to combat the cold.


stay hydrated drink water winter tips
Drink water as per your body need.

It is important to keep in mind during winters our water intake falls hence the dryness on our skin.

To avoid that, it is important to drink water and stay hydrated on the inside to feel hydrated on the outside and trust me a healthy, hydrated skin shows itself.

Install a humidifier in your house to provide the extra hydration your skin desperately needs.


aloe vera in winter tips
Aloe Vera – Winter Use

Nature holds the solution to everything and what better way to moisturize your skin than the good old aloe vera.

Aloe Vera helps in moisturizing your skin, keeping it hydrated, rejuvenated and glowing.

It helps in soothing pain, infections and inflammation. It has anti-ageing properties, yes, you heard me right!

The almost best part is it suits all skin with no known side effects or any problems you need to worry yourself with. So grab some Aloe Vera and get started.


If you have dry skin you are highly recommended to stop exfoliating. During winters your skin becomes more raw and prone to damage.

There is very minimal moisture on your skin and exfoliation in such condition will only serve to damage your skin.

If you have oily skins then you are recommended to exfoliate at least once a week to keep the dirt off your face but again keep in mind to use gentle exfoliates during this harsh weather.


exercise and diet in winter tips
Follow a good diet along with regular exercise.

YES, it is hard to leave the warmth of your blanket and get up for something like exercise when every fibre of your body is begging you to stay inside the

Good, morning exercise has always been the key to many problems and although you may not realize it now, it affects your skin too.

Exercise helps rid your body of toxins and cleanse your blood, eventually, this will show on the outside as well.

In addition to this, there is literally no ailment that a good and proper diet cannot fix. The same is the case with your skin.

So grab onto those apples and oranges and get started right away and if you get tired of eating oranges all throughout winter, just apply some on your face, works both ways.

And finally,


Caution is better than cure and rightfully so. You need to protect your skin from the cold wind or snow or rain if you are stepping out in winter.

So, wear gloves and caps and do not forget your sunscreen lotion. The warm sun rays feel pleasant, but the UV rays can still damage your skin a lot.

Author: Anusha Shakeel

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